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She dragged him that whole season for cheating on her when she knew she cheated with Jax. If I cheat on someone who has been loyal to me I'll feel terrible but if I later find out that far from being loyal that person slept with my best friend I am going to be slightly annoyed with their double deception. What Kristen engaged in is a classic bait and switch. By keeping the spotlight on Tom and Ariana she could try to evade anyone asking more questions about her and Jax. Didn't she cheat on him with his best friend, and at least 6 other men and then project the anger and hatred all over Tom as well as lying to him?

I mean, I would call it more of a mutual gaslit. I have listened to podcasts where Jax, Peter and Schwartz describe their relationship and Kristen was extremely emotionally volatile and Kristen in general being the kind of person who swings from full on charm offensive to rage. I dont disagree having any kind of emotional overlap and a kiss is messed up, however Tom and Kristen continued to be together on and off for months after that, they slept together a number of times after breaking up. A good deal of her anger was actually projection, and Kristens anger was related to the fact they had a dysfunctional relationship they never seemed to be able to break up from properly.

Kristen also refused to move out of Toms apartment, then when James moved in, she was on the couch, then she started fucking James. I def agree she was gaslit but her insistence on holding onto the relationship well past the point of no return and the other aggression she experiencing equally had a lot to do with her personal issues.


Sorry, since I skipped a lot, I wasn't aware of a lot of this. So just to make sure I understand the timeline: After Jax admitted that he and Kristen slept around while she was with Tom, Tom and Kristen broke up, but she delayed moving out of the apartment - I'm guessing they didn't cosign the lease - so much so that that's when the couch incident occurred?

So was Tom dating Ariana at that time too? Tom kind of acts like Kristen slept with James while they were together, but maybe it's more the fact that he was hosting and James wasn't a classy guest? After Jax and Kristen admitted sleeping together they were still sharing the apartment but broken up. It was Toms apartment, the one he has had for ten years, the one he used to share with the rest of the boys as far as I can tell.

She refused to move out I cant remember why but I know she wouldn't , even after the James thing, at which point James had moved out too theres a second bedroom , so Tom was forced to take every single thing out of the apartment from the lightbulbs, to the toilet paper to every scrap of furniture whilst she was out, store it all at a friends house, crash at peoples places in hopes that she would finally leave she did.

They did continue to sleep together on and off way after the kiss with Arianna and after they broke up, including in NY when they were doing promo for the new season and had to pretend they were still together for the show. As far as I can tell Tom did not start a relationship with Arianna until he was really done with Kristen, Arianna had a relationship of her own too that she was in for like 3 years. Tom moved James into his apartment post breakup as they were forming a band or something together and Kristen targeted him and James said he was with her to get onto pump rules the rest is history.

This hits as very sad and dark. Do you think Kristen had a substance abuse problem? It just sounds like a tactic you would do to an addict - as a last resort. It is not mentally normal or healthy to obsess and refuse to do rational things like move out of your exes house just to force him to deal with you and cause him discomfort. Everyone on VPR is a pretty awful person one way or another.

I was trying to think of the best person on the show and it seems to be Brittany I guessssss. Yeah but we always forget that she had a live in bf when she met Jax in Vegas, and she cheated on him w Jax and then promptly dumped him to be on reality tv, ahem I mean to be with Jax. I tried to watch It too but am not down for that voluntary torture. I disagree that they wanted to rub their relationship in her face, they went out of their way to avoid being around her, both individually and as a couple.

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Yeah, they aren't bumping uglies, but I'm sure a majority of people would not be too pleased to find out their partner had their tongue down someone else's throat in a grimey Las Vegas pool. Yeah I heard Ariana on a podcast a few months ago saying it so casually thT they made out. I would be even more pissed if my bf had spent the last few months excoriating me for kissing another guy while he portrayed himself as my loyal bf. They both cheated, both terrible and a toxic couple all together.

Did Tom cheat on Kristen with Ariana? : BravoRealHousewives

I just feel it necessary to tell both sides because usually this is a one way street. Tom and Ariana committed an unpardonable sin by kissing in a pool and then drove poor Kristen to the depths of insanity by denying it. The reality is that Kristen did the same thing to Tom and Stassi. She cheated, covered it up, both she and Jax lied and when the rumor surfaced she made Stassi feel like an idiot for believing it and continued to hold herself out as Tom's "loyal girlfriend" and berating him about Ariana when she knew she slept with Jax.

How in the world is it a one way street? For a long time Kristen was easily the most hated cast member on this show I think the only reason people sometimes have empathy for Kristen is because she is probably the only person on this show who was really shunned by her friends when literally everyone on this show has cheated and lied. Not to mention, Tom and Ariana still act like they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Kristen fully admits how fucked up her actions were. Kristen wasn't shunned by Tom. The night she finally admitted she had sex with Jax he went to Sur with her and defended her to all their friends.

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And this was after an entire season of her dragging him as a terrible person and making herself out to be a victim when in reality, she screwed his best friend while he was in the next room asleep. Everyone wanted him to dump her. Even Schwartz told him he was just mad at Jax and wasn't acknowledging Kristen's responsibility for what happened. He didn't let them push her out. That season could have ended with Tom staying at Sur and Kristen leaving by herself but it didn't.

You say Kristen owned up to things but that was because she was caught red-handed by the texts she sent Jax.

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If Jax hadn't saved those text messages she'd probably still be denying she ever slept with him. The strangest part is Tom might still believe her. You seem to want to blame Kristen's crazy behavior on everyone but Kristen. She has a crazy reputation because she acted crazy. I get that she was heartbroken and I feel sorry for her but she was totally unhinged and even Stassi, who wasn't on good terms with her at the time, tried to get her to stop.

I don't agree that Tom and Ariana act like they did nothing wrong. Tom bawled his eyes out to her in Miami telling her how sorry he was that things didn't work out. I thought things were smoothed over between them at that point. But then a few days later Kristen had Miami Girl at Sur because she thought she could get Tom back if he and Ariana broke up which was legit crazy.

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After all this Kristen has never really apologized to Tom. Even in New Orleans when she admitted she cheated on him with a ton of guys she didn't apologize to him. I know from experience that scissoring doesn't work.

I wasn't expecting to go here," she said, noting that it was "somewhere in between" a serious relationship and a hook up. It wasn't college; it was well after college. I mean, you know, it's fluid. We're all somewhere on the Kinsey Scale , right?

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is tom really dating ariana Is tom really dating ariana
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