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Advanced Search Google Search. Results 1 to 19 of Please ignore the weird word order and so on Agree or disagree with the following. How to spot an ESTP female? Sounds odd but looks impressive. By nature ESTP female has a good health and body. Wears different styles of clothing but always tasteful.

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How to befriend her and talk to her. Even the youngest ESTP girl will gladly share her experience. Using the right information in the right time is a working tactical move that helps her control the whole situation and the subjects involved. In the beginning, she can play nice, but if you lose your vigilance you feel the collar around you neck. Whatever unimportant private matter she tries to globalize: Making a career, setting real goals, straight like arrows on a map: She, like no other type, can at the right moment gather all her strength and arsenal to one purpose.

She never postpones something she has already planned. Being a leader and having power she never forgets to remind her colleagues their incompetence and lack of initialization.

She understands very well the possibilities and traits in different people but not their personality , that allows her to give tasks to the right persons and ask them to perform according to their abilities. She likes the young and beginners, but it has its downsides. When successful she demonstratively denies it has anything to do with her womanly allures. ESTP as a wife.

How To Tell If An ESTP Likes You (As Told By 10 ESTPs)

She can commit for a longer period, but being faithful is not that important. She even tolerates your little adventures with patience if she finds the rival a suitable partner for you. They are often very skilled at overcoming this though, and will likely ignore any of the sexism around them.

They realize who they are and are comfortable with their strengths. ESTPs have incredible memories, which is tied to their fact based minds. Their memories can cause the ESTP to have a bit of trouble with their loved ones, especially when they want to be informative. The ESTP woman is logical, and enjoys diving into information. People might expect a more emotionally driven reaction, but the ESTP enjoys informing people and helping them understand things.

They dislike seeing ignorance, and want to do what they can to remove it.

ESTP female

This can sometimes make the ESTP look argumentative, when they simply believe that informing is a sign of caring. While the ESTP woman is driven by logic, she is also someone who is nurturing to others. It is an unusual combination which can cause them to be rather misunderstood. While the ESTP prefer to take the logical road, she also wants to ensure that her loved ones are cared for. This causes the ESTP to compartmentalize certain parts of her life in order to completely be herself.

Dating an ESTP personality type | Futurescopes

When it comes to the people the ESTP truly loves, she will often do whatever she can to make them happy. This means things like buying gifts, cooking for them, or even things like giving massages. The ESTP woman has a nurturing side which sometimes takes over, especially since she wants to impress her loved ones.

This can confuse people though, since the ESTP will bounce back and forth between logic and emotions. Making them extremely unpredictable people. ESTPs women despise boredom, which can actually make them a bit reckless at time. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Below, 10 ESTPs explain how they behave when they find themselves riddled with a crush. More From Thought Catalog. Love Is All You Need. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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