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Experience of using a dating site

There were disproportionately more generalised comments made about men by women than made by men about women. General approbation included adjectives about men such as 'timid', 'needy', 'boring and a bit pathetic', 'poor calibre' and 'weird guys and losers'.

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Particularly for those women over 40, they noted that men were 'unrealistic' in wanting someone either ' years younger' or '20 years younger' with whom to have children. They also recognised that men may not find the medium totally comfortable in that they find it harder than women to present themselves in writing: About the women on the dating site: About the lack of response from women: Comments that thoughtfully reflected their own individual behaviour or attitudes were further analysed.

The majority of these noted the time and effort involved and how they had probably not invested enough or were not willing to do so. The second most frequent reflection by women was about the fear of dating, many signing up but hiding their profiles so that they could not be found. I don't have the courage to contact men via the Internet. It has been quite expensive and time consuming. Perhaps there is something wrong with me but they won't tell me. There were more concerns about courtesy of making a response than complaints about sex, rudeness or other comments about behaviour.

Some expected Christians to be more courteous in this regard than non-Christians. Comments about this came from both men and women.

The difficulties of meeting Christian singles

Some were concerned about ageism. All comments were from women and concerned those of age 45 and above. They say men look for child-bearing women who are younger and so only older men of no interests in that approach them.

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A few commented in the same way about the events organised by dating agencies. Therefore you are left with the old men who want a younger women. Also there are more single men in the South and I live in the North west!! Men of my own age all want someone much younger. In total, 2, respondents answered the question: Have you or would you use a Christian dating site to meet other Christians?

Of these, provided additional comments and over half of these talked about their experiences of using dating sites. All the comments were analysed using a coding scheme suggested by the structure of the question. They covered the following.

What is the difference for people between a dating site that is Christian and one that is not? There were also suggestions for additional functionality. Comments discussed the idea that, for some, labelling themselves as 'Christian' might be a generic term as being part of a Christian country and, for others, some very well-defined such as 'Evangelical born-again'.

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Views were expressed both ways, based on experience and expectation. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Would Christians use a Christian dating site? Of all the respondents who provided an opinion about their experience of using Christian dating sites: Experience of using a dating site Experience of using a dating site depends on what the intention was and whether it had been met.

About 1 in 8 were positive about their experiences.

Successfully using dating sites

Successfully using dating sites Those that had used a site said that you need to invest time and effort into it and to have courage in being willing to communicate and meet people. Drivers and inhibitors of using a Christian dating site Beliefs on how God works in the world inhibit and facilitate use. General thoughts Facilitating factors Inhibiting factors General thoughts Some thought aloud about the way they thought God worked in the world and about whether it was OK to use a dating site or not from a Christian perspective.

Although there were not many comments in this area, respondents focused on two areas: Fifteen said they preferred to meet Christians on non-Christian sites, because of: Using a dating site Like any tool or service, people find a variety of ways to use a dating service.

To make friends 'However to meet friends as I am stuck in the stereotype capsule of old values and believing it may not be the right thing to do. A quarter of these recognised that such a descriptor is one that is 'loose, flexible, broad'. Half were more negative in that they had experienced people as non-Christian: The remaining quarter found other members on the site more fervent in some sense than themselves: Lack of success 'With very little success I should add.

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  • Geared for singles looking to get serious, eHarmony. Once in, this site provides insight into both you and your desired date. The largest faith-based dating site, Christian Mingle boasts 2. Powered by Love and Seek, Christian People Meet boasts nearly , monthly users, video profiles and a Tinder-style instant match feature. Owned by Christian Mingle, ChristianSingles.

    Would Christians use a Christian dating site?

    For example, perhaps you don't drink alcohol and prefer to be with a non-drinker. Maybe you're allergic to cats and would prefer to date someone without one! Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things - 1 Corinthians EliteSingles is regarded as one of the country's premier dating sites for professional singles. Five years ago when online dating was less popular, many Christian singles tended to shy away from online dating with the view that partnerships which began online were somehow inferior to partnerships that had begun in the Church.

    How the times have changed. In a major research report into the efficacy of online dating by scholars of Harvard and Chicago Universities, it was concluded that couples who met online have fewer divorces and higher marriage satisfaction.

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    A christian dating website

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