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As the name suggests, this is a website for cougars. Not the big kitty, of course, but older women seeking much younger men. It sounds more like a midlife crisis to me. Middle-aged men lose their hair and get a motorcycle; cougars lose their husbands and get a young, hot man. A facelift is probably thrown in there, too.

Hey, who am I to judge? I just hope I never find my mom on this website. Honestly, this sounds like an animal-abuse violation waiting to happen. Basically, members join an online world where they explore each other as personalized, mythical beings. The only drawback is an addiction to the game and an extreme case of virginity.

With an imaginary, online life to live, many users forget their hygiene and self-respect. This makes dating in the real world a little difficult for these nerdy gamers. I walked out of the movie feeling less satisfied than when I came in. This is all fine and dandy, but furries insist on going out in public.

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I always knew Chucky Cheese had a secret. Instead of showing the real people behind the masks and ears, profile pictures show their furry personas.

The creators of this site are so proud of this fact that they post it right on the homepage. It clinched the No.

The leader in fitness personals

At least the other nine dating websites on our list have a common interest in mind. As bizarre or unusual as they may be, people on those sites are genuinely looking for others who think like them.

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In my opinion, this website is just cruel. Before a person can become a member, they first have to submit a picture and a profile that current members vote on.

Finally, a Dating Site for Pot Lovers

I can only imagine the blow to the ego. Looking on the bright side, at least this keeps the shallow people together so the rest of us can take our game elsewhere. Flickr Check out our photos. Health , Relationships , Sex — February 23, 5: One is an odd number, but some singles are odder than others.

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More Syringe Dispensing Laws may be out of date. PsychonautWiki Safer Injection Guide. If you message the mods via modmail be prepared for 2 to 3 days of written correspondence. The mods are not responsible for anything they may say after addressing the initial modmail request. Junkie dating website self. What should we call it? Haha idk I'm bored and 37 days clean fuck me.

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  • As far as a 'junkie' dating site.. I don't think that would be a good idea. I mean, not many people would want to publicly display their addiction. That detox was hell. Half G to a G a day IV ha it ain't an easy thing to kick. Doing IOP which is helping keep me straight. Got out of inpatient on the 24th of June. I Absolutely love the idea! Just let us not label as junkies. The act of using drugs and the endless small fetishes or rituals one acquires or shares, let alone the uncountable combinations one may favor could yield a very good profile along with a more or less ordinary one.

    I am all for an international version and yeah lets call it Veindr or Fiendr. Since when do junkies wanna fuck? More like a junky social media website where users can post pic of there shit and meet up over pms I don't necessarily like to screw like a rabbit The endorphins from the love, plus the endorphins from the dope It's like if they made little ice cream sundays as an ice cream sunday topping.

    Who says junkie girls can't be cute.

    Dating site scammers, Badoo beware theyre a LOT of them!

    Goddammit I clicked before the warning of another person. I can't fucking unsee or unthink that!!!! I don't even have a dick and that hurt to see lol fuck fuck fuck. It can't be safe! Did you see the stuff squirt out when he removed the needle on the right?! I was supreme but after that rank update I got fucked n dropped to mge. I'm LE now and trying to work my way back up lol: I gave up after the update. Got pissed dropping from lem to dmg so I trolled and deranked to silver. Would anyone else be interested in this? May make a seperate post about this actually. Hell naw, I pride myself in having no one knowing of my habit.

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    And you can't exactly make fake profiles on FB anymore without showing ID of who you are. FB is the last place for a group like that. I guess I'm just grandfathered in I've got like three accounts that I never use.

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