Dating down syndrome

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Luke Follow 6 followers 20 badges Send a private message to Luke Follow 11 In that regard it depends on the mental state of not just the girl but the guy as well. Is he doing this because he thinks the girl will be easy to manipulate due to lower intelligence, thus an easier lay? If that was the reason I would say yes it is highly immoral. However it appears in the example given that the guy was in love with the girl, and I really don't think that is immoral at all. I am not attracted to guys but if two guys want to get it on with each other what do I care?

Dating And Down's Syndrome

In regards to the girls ability to consent in all honesty I am not an expert on down syndrome so it is hard for me to say, if the girl really is unable to understand and consent then that is an issue. However we are not the only species that can have consensual sex. As far as I am aware someone with down syndrome still has more intellectual capacity then any none human animal on this planet.

Therefore if they both love each other what is the problem? Follow 12 Original post by stirkee why would it be immoral. Follow 13 She really wanted a bf and hit on quite a few guys but no one would date her.

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Thinking about it now i feel sorry for her Follow 14 Original post by beth-robinson99 i'm sorry its just my opinion but everyone is equal and deserves the chance to date who they want right? Follow 15 Original post by pairofjeans Well we could use an SJW argument that's relevant for once. They aren't in the right state of mind to consent to everything. They're mentally handicapped and therefore could be taken advantage of.

Follow 16 Follow 17 Original post by stirkee See my post above. The immorality in your example is not inherent in the dating someone with a mental disability, its in the choice of the person without the disability to take advantage of them.

Dating And Down's Syndrome

Like I said, dating someone with a mental disability is surely not itself immoral. Follow 18 Original post by pairofjeans But the post isn't about "mental disabilities". We all know how much they can vary depending on type. The thread is specific to down syndrome. In which case, I'd argue that it's always immoral. Follow 19 Original post by pairofjeans That analogy is horrible though. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Friday, Jan 18th 5-Day Forecast.

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Ahhh I'm sorry that's happening to you. My little bro has Downs and he pulls that stunt too! Over the years, his special needs peers have asked me out. I always just say I have a boyfriend, thx anyway! And then I recommend they go on some fun socials to meet peers. I think it's okay to tell a white lie and say you already have a girlfriend, even if you don't.

I'm not saying ppl with learning disabilities and ppl without should not date each other, but it's an odd situation. Ideally 2 ppl would want to be on a similar level when dating each other. But it's one of those things that's open to debate. Yeah, I know for sure some people aren't going to agree with me perhaps not anyone on this sub which is why I'm trying to not sound rude. I think it extends even beyond those with disabilities.

There's a reason it's considered taboo for someone in their thirties dating someone who's 19 or Even if legally they're both adults, both people would be in completely different stages of life. The younger person also lacks experience which puts them at a disadvantage with navigating the relationship. The difference in ages means there can be a power imbalance that makes the younger person vulnerable to manipulation and even abuse. Those with intellectual disabilities should be able to date and have romantic relationships. But I think it's best that they be with people of similar abilities and life style.

Differences in intellectual abilities would absolutely create a power imbalance. Romantic relationships need to exist on equal ground. Both people need to have similar levels of giving and taking. I can see how an intellectual disability of one partner could contribute to a toxic situation for both people. That's exactly it, really. Nobody's saying that people with learning disabilities shouldn't be able to date people who don't, but few relationships are likely to be healthy when there's such a lack of parity intellectually, emotionally, etc.

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